Stone and Concrete Raised Planter
Huachuca Agave
Big Bend Yucca
Huachuca Agave

Common name:Huachuca Agave
Botanical name:Agave parryi v. huachucensis

This Agave grows slowly to 2' by 2'. It is lump forming with dense rosettes. It has short gray leaves with dark thorns on the margins. This is the largest of the subspecies of parryi with leaves 2' long. It is native to parts of AZ and is more robust, with larger leaves and broader panicles and larger flowers than the species. It is primarily found in oak and pine woodlands.

Big Bend Yucca

Common name:Big Bend Yucca
Botanical name:Yucca rostrata

This Yucca has blue leaves, a tall narrow trunk, and a spectacular summer display of cream white flowers. It is one of the most attractive tree Yuccas. It slowly forms a trunk to 10' tall. The young are usually unbranched; the older have a few branches. Narrow blue leaves can grow up to 2' long and .5" wide with a sharp term spine. This Yucca prefers full sun or very light shade and rocky, well drained soil. It is susceptible to grubs.Old leaves persist.


Stone and Concrete Raised Planter

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