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Forest Pansy Redbud
European Grapevine
Forest Pansy Redbud

Common name:Forest Pansy Redbud
Botanical name:Cercis canadensis 'Forest Pansy'

This small tree may reach 25' tall and it has dark green/purple leaves that are purple in the fall. Amazing pink flowers bloom in the spring and fill the tree.

European Grapevine

Common name:European Grapevine
Botanical name:Vitis vinifera

This vine grows 20'-30' long. Many species of this vine produce today's wines and grapes. There are thousands of species worldwide, but this plant originated in Europe. Vitis is a woody perennial that climbs its way around the supports. It does better with long, warm to hot summers, with mild winters. Frost will kill the young shoots. Vitis does not do well with humidity, as it promotes disease. Well-drained soil is important also.

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Round Table Discussion

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Soils and Compost:

Maintain a two to four inch layer of mulch on the soil surface to reduce weeds, infiltrate rain water, and reduce compaction.

Integrated Pest Management:

Drip and other smart irrigation delivers water directly to roots, allowing no excess water for weeds.